Me and His Holiness The Dalai Lama: Drawing Insights

One Kind of Wisdom

There is a seeing that is internal resonance. Images or sensed experience called wisdom. Interior vision comes quietly after the eye of sleep opens. This happens to me as awareness of another chance to be awake slips above the horizon of my mind. Words occasionally speak out loud enough to propel my mind into action. Like the time, “Do your thoughts parade like peacocks?” shouted itself into my early morning sleep.

What to do with this amrita? Sweetness that can lead gently into brilliance of sunlight, dawn and coffee is one thing I never rush. Sipping hummingbird nectar from the heart of my life gives me courage. I watch, because I am a visual person. On days with discipline, I draw it or write it. Simply satisfaction of hand and internal process. Happy to make some $$, I am sad to say goodbye to these things that have been the couriers of pleasure and adventure.

Drawing Insights-Obstacles

Luna took me on a vision quest.

The electric blue Riot kayak carried me to Desolation Sound and the Curme Islands.

I never used the wheels for my kayak.

The wasabi colored e-Go carried my assets around town for 10 years.

Looking at the drawings, adding words, is soothing. An empathic act of kindness.